Assessments & Audits

Technology-driven assessments to identify gaps, uncover risks and target remediation efforts for the greatest impact.  From CCPA to GDPR, we can audit your business processes for compliance with the latest privacy and data protection regulations.

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Policy Development

New and updated privacy and data protection regulations require organizations processing personal data to have solid policies in place.   The team at DPS has many years of experience with policy updates and development.

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Training & Awareness Programs

Consultative awareness workshops diving into the impact of global data privacy regulations and the GDPR on your Company.  Customized training sessions to help Business Teams understand what’s next.

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Advisory Services

Advisory services are the heart of DPS.  We cover a variety of topics from vendor management to incident response.  Advisory services include both the data protection and data security space.  Along with our select partners, DPS is able to provide advisory on a large number of topics and issues.

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Managed Services

Are you looking to outsource your privacy office?  Do you need help with building a Privacy Governance Program?  Do you need GDPR Article 30 reports created?  DPS offers an extensive portfolio of managed services to help you build and maintain your privacy and security programs.

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Cyber Security

Data privacy and cyber security are two different things.  DPS Advisors understands this dynamic, and knows where these two wolds meet, and where they part.  We offer a range of services which are focused on ......

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